Applied Learning

Our applied learning curriculum

The applied learning (vocational) curriculum aims to prepare students with the skills and knowledge for the world of work, enabling them to attain practical skills and exposure to real life scenarios and experiences that will support their transition from education to employment.

Animal care, business, travel and tourism, retail, and health and social care form the applied learning offering. Applied learning helps our students understand the world in which they are living, and 

The applied learning curriculum at the academy consists of a range of subjects and expertise that consist of a combination of theoretical and practical skills/knowledge. The subjects offered are intentionally varied and allow the students to gain skills that will support their employment opportunities for example financial discipline and understanding, business constructs, the principals of care.

The curriculum is designed to give all students the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge to engage positively with materials, components, products, and technologies in the world around them. Through these types of activities students are actively contributing to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of themselves and their community. With the vocational nature our our subjects there are opportunities to engage with organisations and external speakers to further the students cultural capital.

The curriculum aims to develop creative innovative thinkers, fostering intellectual inquisitiveness about how and why things work the way they do a breadth of theoretical understanding alongside practical application.

All students have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of these varied vocational disciplines through a skill and knowledge based curriculum. Each subject is mindful of employment trends and changes and prepares students with the necessary skills to accommodate their future employment and further education. This includes an aspirational consideration of future career opportunities and possibilities.