Our communications curriculum

The communications faculty aims to expose our students to a broad and ambitious curriculum, which is rich in skills and knowledge, develops self-efficacy, kindles curiosity and promotes diversity and tolerance. Our curriculum will give students the opportunity to use language skills, receptively and productively, for communication in the real world, for practical purposes, for their immediate needs, interests and beyond and to express and justify opinions.

Young children, whatever their background, should have the chance to learn an ancient language whilst discovering the patterns, history and grammar that underpins their own and do so in a way that is creative, imaginative, and relevant to today’s world.  Therefore, we offer Latin alongside French and Spanish.

Our curriculum will provide students with the foundation for learning further languages, giving them the skills to succeed in the workplace and become more rounded global citizens. The invaluable communication skills and creativity developed through learning another language will deepen their understanding and appreciation of other cultures both in their own country, and when they travel to other countries around the world.