Physical Education

Our PE curriculum

The PE curriculum aims to offer all students a broad and balanced programme, which has sufficient depth and breadth to enable our students to develop their full physical and mental confidence.

We are a strong believer in ‘sport for all’ ensuring that our broad curriculum provides students with ample opportunity to experience a variety of activities. Allowing students to participate in not only competition but also recreational sport.

We aim to contribute to the overall education of our young people by helping them to lead full and active lives through engaging in purposeful physical activity and sport.

As well as developing core skills and tactical awareness through various sporting activities, we are also concerned with the development of other educational qualities such as leadership, social and communicative skills, character, morals, aesthetic appreciation, problem solving skills, along with the development of knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts.

We endeavour to nurture students’ talents to continually take part in physical activity and pave the way to mastery of sporting skills in local clubs. We aim to foster close links with the surrounding community teams to provide students with extra exposure to competitive sporting activities.   

Our curriculum offers our students the opportunity to experiment, investigate, observe and to discover for themselves, various principles of training and exercise. This developed knowledge will lead students towards lifelong participation and providing the tools to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.