Year 10 Challenges Programme

 So what is ‘Challenges’?

Challenges’ is part of our careers education programme designed to provide you with a variety of opportunities in order to raise your awareness and aspirations as you prepare to transition from year 10 to year 11.

There is a lot to think about in these final few weeks and thinking ahead is important to get ahead of the game.

What you can expect from challenges.

Challenge-Experiences of work

Your experiences of work, whether it be on site taking part in loud speaker live, or off site with an employer, will help you to gain the necessary skills to make you more employable. This will give you a head start as you start to prepare your CV and add to it.

Challenge- Personal guidance

The personal guidance that you will experience over the coming weeks will enable you to devise an action plan and think about your post 16 destinations. Your targets will involve research into A levels, Vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and employers.

Challenge-Using websites

You will be given a variety of websites to research different post 16 destinations to give a feel for what they have to offer and give you an idea of what grades you will need to get onto the right course for you. Your pathways into University will guide you to the sixth form or college that best suits your career aspiration.

Challenge – Thinking about University?

Access lots of information through the google classroom to explore different Universities through the virtual tours.

Challenge- Thinking about apprenticeships or higher apprenticeships?  Which one?

Good question so log onto ‘get in go far’ to find out more about the differences. Use the google classrooms to re- visit presentations or ask questions on the chat function.

Not sure still? No need to panic!

Visit sites such as ‘Career pilot’ and ‘find careers’ and take the quizzes it may open your mind to options you had never considered.