Welcome to WOA6


WOA6 is a small, personalised post-16 experience for students with identified educational needs, maybe with an EHCP, who are not yet ready to enter a larger sixth form institution or the world of work. 

Learning focuses on a work based curriculum, supported by the development of functional and social skills, with the aim of  undertaking a supported internship with a local employer.

WOA6 provides the perfect blend of structure and support given our school setting, while offering the freedom and independence of a sixth form provider.

WOA6 is housed within its own dedicated centre in the heart of our learning campus.

Students receive excellent teaching from specialist teachers in work related learning, with a proven track record of success over several years of exceeding national achievement. They also benefit from ongoing support from our focussed provision offer, with access to staff from our Autism Resource Centre and Deaf Academy.