Just Youth (Sandwell)

Say no to boredom in Sandwell

Click on the image to access the Just Youth website

The SHAPE Programme is a Child’s Voice Initiative in Sandwell. They run the Just Youth website, which is designed for all young people in Sandwell, by young people in Sandwell. It is managed by Sandwell Council, but works in partnership with lots of organisations across Sandwell. Young people will find lots of useful information on there including information on:

  • Youth provisions you can attend e.g. youth clubs
  • The different youth forums that are in Sandwell, and how young people can get involved in them to get their voice heard
  • Advice pages and useful links to help with anything you may encounter in your day-to-day lives e.g. mental health support, sexual health support, online safety, and many more
  • Activities pages that suggest fun and interesting activities for young people to do within Sandwell