Our Curriculum Delivery

Years 7, 8 and 9 (Key Stage 3)

We have a very broad Key Stage 3 curriculum covering 12 subjects, meeting all the national curriculum requirements. This is taught in 25 hours of contact time each week. The curriculum includes:

  • English – including English mastery
  • Mathematics – including maths mastery
  • Science
  • Three Foreign Languages (MFL), French, Spanish and Latin
  • Humanities – history, geography and religious education
  • Performing Arts – drama and music
  • Art, design and technology
  • ICT
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Relationships, Social, and Health Education (RSHE)
  • Smart Start (literacy, numeracy, CEIAG, citizenship, SMSC)

For students who are behind in their chronological reading age, additional support is provided through withdrawal to enable them to rapidly catch up. An additional after-school enrichment programme includes a range of sporting activities, music, drama, community languages, amongst others. There is daily support for homework in the learning resource centre (LRC). 

Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4)

In Year 10 students begin to specialise to provide them with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the subjects they will choose to study to GCSE level. They will mainly embark on the examined course at the start of Year 10. This curriculum is taught in 25 lessons each week, each lesson lasting 1 hour. All students must study the following:

  • English – Literature and Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science –Trilogy or Synergy
  • Humanities – History or Geography
  • Physical Education (PE) – no external examination
  • Relationships, Social, and Health Education (RSHE)
Optional subjects
  • Separate Sciences – Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • Languages – French, Spanish and Latin
  • Additional Humanities – Religious Education
  • Performing arts – dance, drama, musical theatre and music
  • Art, design and technology – Art, 3D design, photography, textiles and hospitality
  • ICT
  • Media studies
  • Vocational – business studies, retail, travel and tourism, health and social care, childcare, animal care