WOA Learning Routines

Our routines are designed to be simple but effective.

At WOA we have created and embedded nine Learning Routines across the whole school: three for our behaviour around the school site and six for our learning behaviours in class.

Please use the videos below to explore what each routine looks like and how it works.

In Class Routines

Routine 1: Ready To Learn https://youtu.be/jo5ruBCLLpo

Routine 2: DNA

Routine 3: STAR https://youtu.be/5B8jzwabT0s

Routine 4: Questioning https://youtu.be/vu6KcGqv8VQ

Routine 5: FACE

Routine 6: Ready To Leave https://youtu.be/vU2v9REx0mA

Out of Class Routines

Routine A: Getting To Lesson https://youtu.be/lFBgA84QU14

Routine B: One-Way System https://youtu.be/Wa7ZJfnMqlo

Routine C: Give Respect, Get Respect https://youtu.be/Vt7lK6C4Uyg