Specialist Leaders of Education

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

These are our outstanding middle and senior leaders, each of whom have a particular area of expertise and the skills to develop the leadership capacity of colleagues and teachers in similar positions in other schools.

Some of our SLEs also focus specifically on developing classroom expertise. For many the role is dual, and includes developing the capacity and capability of other leaders so that they have the skills to lead their own teams and improve practice within their own schools.

Our SLEs have a track record of relevant and successful leadership expertise to draw upon. They combine their outreach role with leadership roles within the academy.

Our SLEs will work through one-to-one or group support, and at times and timeframes to suit your school’s development needs.

If you would like support from one of our team please contact [email protected].

Myk Wagstaff
Vice Principal
  • Curriculum Design, development and Leadership
  • Curriculum Review
  • CPD Leadership, structures and practice
  • Leading QofE
  • NPQ Faciltition
Paul Harris
Associate Assistant Principal – Literacy and Enrichment
  • Humanities – curriculum leadership and pedagogy
  • Aspire 2 HE
  • Teaching and Learning
  • CPD Systems
Jayne Cooper
Senior Leader – Attendance, Engagement and Admissions
  • Attendance – leadership and strategy
  • Non-Teaching staff appraisal and development
Helena Rock-Sawyer
Head of Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts – Curriculum leadership and pedagogy
  • Creative T&L development
  • BTEC – planning and assessment
Sian Woolvin
Head of RSHE
  • RSHE – Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Personal Development
  • T&L coaching
Julie Adoch
Director of Teacher Development
  • Early Career Development and Framework
  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Modern & Ancient Languages – Curriculum development, leadership and pedagogy