Work Experience

Work Experience Weeks (WEX)

Students undertake a week of work experience (in Year 10) at a chosen business/organisation. This will take place during the last week of the summer term. Students will complete a WEX log book and complete an evaluation of their working week. There is a team of designated staff to support work experience placements lead by Nicola Atkins. Additional support is available through the Sandwell SIPS team and through form time activities.

Taster work experience days

Students who largely take vocational subjects will have the opportunity to extend their work experience week to a taster day within the industry. This will support their learning and maybe an integral part of their qualification.

Make Learning Work

Some students in Year 10 and 11 are given the opportunities to secure ongoing weekly placements within the work place. These are called extended work experience placements that are sourced and provided by ‘Make Learning Work‘ as part of our employer engagement. Students fulfil their curriculum hours in school alongside being placed with an employer for their chosen career for a set number of days. This can potentially lead to apprenticeship placements on leaving school as well as enhancing a students CV through the employability skills that that acquire.