Knife Crime/Safety

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Sandwell Police are working with schools across the Borough to help reduce the vulnerability of young people to knife crime.

We continue to work jointly with Sandwell Council, School Councils and Head Teachers and safeguarding leads to understand the reasons behind a small number of our youths are deciding to carry a weapon.

All Sandwell schools have been asked to take part in a number of activities which are designed to challenge young people’s thinking and to raise awareness on the consequences of carrying a knife.

We want to educate all young people and firmly believe that includes primary aged children and ultimately prevent them from becoming a victim or an offender in the future.

A key element of this programme is to remove unwanted knives from circulation. Evidence suggests most young people found in possession of a knife have taken it from home.

With this in mind we would ask you, as parents, to consider whether you know the number of knives you have at home, and how many of them you actually use?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to dispose of any unwanted knives in a safe and appropriate manner. Therefore, if you contact Sandwell Police on the following email address detailing your name and address we will arrange to attend your property and remove the knives for you at your convenience

[email protected]

This offer is open to every school student in Sandwell and we believe this to be an open and transparent way in which to protect schools’ pupils and members of our community.

We are committed to creating a safe environment for everyone in Sandwell and look forward to working with you.