Lunchtime Changes

From Monday 13th June 2022...

...we will be returning to a full service in the canteen.  We moved to the pre-order system as part of our COVID-19 strategy, and it was mostly successful.  The catering company (Autograph) want to be able to provide a wider offer to the students with more flexibility and options.

There will still be a pre-order feature for parents/students, but it will be a reduced offer. This will be a full meal deal work £2.30. Please order on the app as you do now.

Here is how it will work:

  • If students want cold food: sandwiches, baguettes etc they can get those from the Snack-Shack.  That is for all year groups. You cannot pre-order sandwiched but there will still be a meal deal available and a larger selection of sandwich fillings (see below)
  • The canteen will offer hot food only – for all year groups with different queues depending on what they might want
  • There are different meal deals and specials every day (see below for the 3-week menu and weekly specials)
  • Students can buy individual items, or they can buy one of the special meal deals
  • It is better value to have a meal deal

Students need to make sure that they have money on their account. This can be done like it is now by using the app or they can top it up in school by putting money onto their account using their finger or their PIN numbers.

Free School Meals students will have their account topped up automatically everyday with £2.30 and they can go to any of the counters to get what they want.  It is important that they try and use the whole of the free meal allowance of £2.30.

Form tutors have got all the PIN numbers for students who have not given permission for their fingerprint to be taken.

We will constantly be reviewing how this new system works, but hope it gives a bit more flexiblility and choice.

Below you will find the price lists, meal plans and deals.