British Science Week 2022

The theme for British Science Week 2022 is “Growth”.

As part of the week of celebrations WOA Science is running a model making competition.

  • Could you design a model to show how a baby animal or plant becomes a fully grown adult?
  • How could you represent developments in the fields of medicine, organ function or cancer treatment?
  • How have our changes in building methods or machinery improved to make people safer?
  • How has technology advanced to support our lives, from Charles Babbage’s concept of a computer to Ada Lovelace being regarded as the first computer programmer?
  • How is the population growth affecting the planet?
  • How is our growth in food waste impacting on our wildlife?
  • What impact will our increased space knowledge have on our lives?

The models can represent any topic linked with “Growth”, from any field in science, technology, engineering and maths.

They can be made out of any material and be any size.  Your name and form need to be clearly displayed on your model.

All models need to be bought to the Science Faculty Homebase by Monday 21st March, 3.10pm.

Judging will be completed the same week with certificates to all participants and prizes awarded to the winners.

If you require further information please contact Mrs Riley via email at:

[email protected]